PCM offers a complete set of lifecycle collaboration solutions, certifications and expertise to enhance communication within your organization and beyond. From a dedicated presales team to design the correct solution to certified field engineers who will install your solution to a 24x7x365 helpdesk to manage and maintain your collaboration network.

We have multiple manufacturer partnerships, so we can design the right on-premise or hosted collaboration solution for your needs and budget.


Over 25 years of experience in delivering collaboration solutions Dedicated solutions architects to design the right solution for you Certified engineers who deliver solutions nationwide
Dedicated project manager for every major installation 24x7x365 Managed Services team who will manage and maintain your network after the installation


PCM Collaboration Partnerships PCM partnerships with the best on collaboration including CISCO, Microsoft, Polycom and RingCentral among others.
PCM Expertise
  • Cisco Master Collaboration
  • Microsoft Gold LAR
  • Microsoft Certified Experts
  • Polycom Certified
PCM Integration
  • IP Call Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Contact Center
  • Team Messaging
  • Cloud Based Collaboration
PCM Deployment Capability
  • On-premise Collaboration Solutions
  • Hosted Cloud Collaboration Solutions
  • UCaaS Collaboration Solutions
  • 24x7x365 Collaboration Managed Services


IP Call Management allows enterprises to realize significant cost savings by leveraging their network infrastructure to incorporate voice and video across the same connection. Efficiency gains also occur by allowing 4/5 digit dialing, unified messaging (voicemail inside of email), single number reach and mobility. Workloads can also be distributed globally creating a redundant, high performance environment. PCM offers call management services that leverage on premise networks, hosted cloud or UCaaS solutions to provide secure, reliable, scalable voice, video, contact center, messaging and mobility capabilities.

Video Conferencing

Phone calls are passé as video conferencing is rapidly becoming the method of choice for facilitating collaboration within and outside the company. Many video collaboration tools suffer from jitter, poor quality or lack of functionality such as encrypted connectivity and high definition. PCM has developed a unique web and video conferencing solution that supports full 1080p HD resolution with automated, real-time throttling, acoustic echo cancellation, and dynamic video coding to deliver compelling user experiences. This solution can be used for peer-peer communication, or video conferences supporting hundreds of users.


Regardless of the line of business, contact centers serve as a critical component in an enterprise’s value chain and is the first probable touch point for customers. Unless these environments are equipped to handle large call volumes, they will result in bad publicity for the company. Many are expensive to support and often appear as a cost burden on the annual balance sheet. As a technology partner, PCM provides contact center services based on a scalable, flexible deployment and pricing model. With an extensive inventory of VoIP and networking solutions, we help companies to deliver compelling customer experiences incorporating the latest contact center technology incorporating voice, video and social media to deliver the ultimate customer experience.


Whether an internal team needs to kick off a new project, review code before deployment, vet sales contracts or even iron out next year’s budget, they need to communicate and collaborate in real-time without disrupting their regular workflow with video conferences and telephonic meetings. PCM’s team messaging solutions are perfect answer for facilitating this. Built on a robust platform that directly integrates with other mission-critical tools, our solution is designed to sync and automate tasks – ensuring that teams spend less time writing emails and more time innovating and making things happen. This results in the ultimate “persistent” meeting that can be used across time zones to support the smallest company to the largest global organization.


Modern enterprise teams demand connectivity, anytime, anywhere. Using traditional means of communication and support are often not viable for many organizations. PCM offers several solutions from fully managed cloud collaboration solutions hosted in our Tier-3 certified Hybrid Cloud to turnkey to partner hosted UCaaS solutions. Best of all we can integrate and manage environments to support the most complex workloads whether it is in our client’s data center, our partner's data center, our data center or in the cloud.



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