PCM Envisioning Sessions can help your business to imagine and visualize a new Modern IT Solution

Download more information about PCM's Envisioning Sessions, and see how they can help your business.

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Seeking more information on how modern Microsoft licensing & technologies can better enable your business?
Need to know how Microsoft Azure and the Cloud could best be integrated into your existing infrastructure?
Do you have questions on how Business Intelligence solutions can better monitor your business health?

PCM Envisioning sessions can provide your organization with the insights and opportunities these new solutions can provide your organization. These comprehensive 2-hour sessions cover the below.


Workplace Transformation

O365, M365, & Windows 10

IT professionals in organizations large and small are having to rethink the way they deliver productivity, collaboration, and security services to their end users. The PCM Complete Workplace Transformation envisioning session will give customer’s the knowledge they need to examine their environment and the requirements to move toward modern end user solutions.

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Cloud, Platform & Datacenter Modernization


Digital transformation is affecting every aspect of the organization, and the cloud is driving innovation and efficiency. It's important for organizations considering new IT projects, hardware refreshes, or existing datacenter modernization to take into consideration where the cloud may be able to augment their efforts. The PCM Complete Platform & Datacenter Modernization Envisioning session is designed to give customers solid footing when examining their existing infrastructure and cloud roadmap.

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Modern Licensing

EA, CSP, Microsoft Roadmap

PCM’s Modern Licensing Envisioning Session is designed to give customers insight into how Microsoft has recently adjusted their offers, products, and services available in existing licensing programs to better align with the goal of digital transformation. Customer will leave this session with a strong understanding of how Microsoft is consolidating and concentrating their investments in the partner-value added, self-serve web, and the Microsoft-assisted programs that best meet customers’ needs.


Business Intelligence

Power BI, SQL

There are many important parts to a business, and even though some departments, or workgroups appear to be free floating and independent, they all ultimately need to or do tie together. It’s understanding these subtle connections that could make the difference between a company that excels to the top of the market, and one that barely makes it out of the gate. By using Business Intelligence systems, a company can more easily keep track of its numbers, and use them to their advantage.

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