Traditional IT strategies fall short in the face of the specialized demands of Healthcare IT. PCM serves as the bridge between IT and
clinicians. From clinical mobility to EMR refreshes, PCM is your expert partner to manage all your solutions. We’re on a mission to solve
your most challenging Healthcare IT solutions, one custom solution at a time.
We offer a full range of healthcare technology solutions for your IT infrastructure. We understand that IT is complex, but regardless of what
your particular needs are, we can help. With over two decades of experience, we provide a robust portfolio of healthcare IT solutions to yield
the greatest value on your investments. We understand that healthcare professionals need more than just products, they need complete
solutions that address their organization’s specific complexities.
As you look to consume data differently while protecting investments, we help you stage & automate processes that lead to peace of mind as measure through improved up-time, less redundancy & disparity, streamlined operations and, ultimately, a better user experience in a
secure, protected environment.
Reducing readmissions, improving HCAHPS, keeping patients in the community, improving care collaboration, intervening early if there is
a problem, improving patient compliance with medical instructions.
All there and more with PCM’s technology solutions in the hands of patients to improve outcomes and operations.
Cloud IaaS/PaaS/Saas
Data Center Transformation
Data Protection & Archive
Network & Communications Transformation
Client Services
IT Service Management
Patient-Provider Collaboration
Patient Engagement
Remote Patient Monitoring
We help you integrate and mobilize technology solutions into one
pocketable, smart device that clinicians can use for data, voice, texting,
alert alarm notifications and more. Through a stringent, repeatable
process, we ensure that your network is ready, your users are ready,
your IT staff is ready, and you have the support before, during, and
after a clinical mobility deployment to ensure compliance and a good
user experience.
Successful IT projects involve more than simply shipping a box to your
dock. Wrapping care and detail into the hardware helps IT and users experience better out-of-box deployments. Are you looking for the best
price or a rebate? Because of our strong relationships with OEM’s and manufacturers and the volume of products we ship, we can get you the
best price today or provide a portal for you shop directly on the market.
Clinical collaboration
Secure Texting & Messaging
Interoperable Voice
Nurse Call, Alerts, Patient Monitoring
Reliable, Scalable, Secure WLAN
GPO enhancer
Lifecycle Management
Managed Services
Software Licensing
EMR refresh & Cart Maintenance

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