Dell Tablets

Dell tablets are excellent tools for boosting productivity outside the office. Whether you choose the latest Dell Latitude 10 or the tried-and-tested Dell Latitude ST, you get a handy computer that enables seamless integration of data and applications from your office PC.

The Latitude 10 is one of the most popular tablets from Dell. This Dell tablet is designed to be the ideal tablet for professionals, with office-ready Windows 8 software, speedy processors, and high RAM and onboard storage capacities. At its basic configuration, the Dell Latitude 10 features a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom processor, 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, and 32 GB of solid state storage. Solid state storage and double data rate RAM ensures faster processing speeds for multitasking and quicker access to data. The Latitude ST is equally capable as a tablet for pros. Out of the box, this Dell slate tablet is pre-installed with Windows 7 software and is compatible with popular business applications. The Latitude ST also offers enterprise-class security throughDell’s trusted platform module, BitLocker encryption, and a security lock slot to ensure utmost data and device protection.

Through their business-ready features, Dell tablets can help you remain productive wherever you go. We have a selection of Dell tablets and accessories right here at PCM. Our discounts ensure that you always enjoy maximum value.

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Choose Your Dell Tablet

Dell Latitude ST - Tablet - Win 7 Home Premium - 32 GB - 10.1" TFT (1280 x 800) - USB host - SD slot 469-1805
Part #: 8971812
List Price: Price:
You Save: 0 (0%)
Final Price: $584.99

Dell Latitude ST - Tablet - Win 7 Pro - 32 GB - 10.1" TFT (1280 x 800) - USB host - SD slot 469-1806
Part #: 8971813
List Price: Price:
You Save: 0 (0%)
Final Price: $778.99

Dell Latitude ST - Tablet - Win 7 Pro - 64 GB - 10.1" TFT (1280 x 800) - USB host - SD slot 469-2588
Part #: 9223229
List Price: Price:
You Save: 0 (0%)
Final Price: $949.99

Dell tablets

The perfect tablets for pros

Dell tablets are the perfect tablets for doing out-of-office business. To deliver consistent performance and seamless PC integration, Dell Latitude 10 and Latitude ST tablets combine efficient, long-lasting hardware with familiar, office-ready Windows software.

Solidly built
Dell tablets are built to last through years of regular use. Dell Latitude 10 tablets are equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass-protected screens to ensure durability against the wear and tear of multi-touch gestures. Rubberized bumpers and reinforced magnesium alloy frames provide protection in case of accidental drops.

Office-ready OS and applications
Latitude 10 and Latitude ST tablets are pre-installed with Windows software to ensure that professionals are immediately familiar with the tablets’ OS. Many Dell Windows tablets also include Skype software for videoconferencing and trial versions of Microsoft Office.

Solid state storage
Most Dell tablets offer native solid state storage of up to 64 GB, providing professionals with sufficient space for essential files and applications. Solid state storage enables faster read/write speeds, resulting in quicker data processing and access.

Advanced security features
As the latest models in Dell’s tablet line, Latitude 10 tablets offer a suite of advanced security features. These features include fingerprint and Smart Card readers and TPM security chips.

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