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Desktop Virtualization

Improve Management & Control with Virtual Desktops

Gain key advantages over traditional client-server and server-based models. Configure, deploy and maintain hardware-independent desktop virtual machines from central locations for simpler management and more efficient desktop provisioning. Enable stronger policy enforcement and tighter data security by encapsulating the desktop operating system, applications, and user data as a set of files in a virtual machine that can be stored centrally. Most importantly, for end users, desktop virtualization solutions deliver a familiar desktop experience that does not require application sharing, software modifications or user training.

  • Remote & Branch Office Solution - Reduce the long-term cost of supporting transactional and fixed-function workers on corporate-owned or third-party PCs and thin clients in branch offices, call centers and other locations while maintaining complete control over corporate information assets.

  • Secure Mobile Computing - Provide telecommuters, salespeople in the field and other end users outside the corporate firewall with anytime, anywhere access to their own complete, unmodified desktop environment while minimizing the risk of a data security breach involving sensitive information.

  • Unmanaged Desktops - Extend secure temporary access to corporate information assets for consultants, contractors, customers and other third-party stakeholders to improve collaboration and reduce business latency while minimizing the risk of data leakage and malicious code intrusion.

  • OS Migration - Improve datacenter efficiency and security during OS migrations, reduce the cost and complexity of migration, and provide a better user experience.

  • Application Migration & Updates - Maximize application uptime during migrations and updates using agentless application virtualization to isolate applications from each other and the OS, thus eliminating interoperability issues.

  • Software License Compliance - Keep license proliferation in check using standard discovery and audit tools to manage and track the distribution of applications over both physical and virtual systems.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Accurately track and monitor who’s using what applications and when with existing tools, controls and procedures.

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