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What are Installation, Deployment & Refresh Services?

At PCM, our focus is on helping our clients achieve improvements in business operations. We provide seamless IT lifecycle refresh services through our combined capabilities of procurement, warehousing, integration and national deployment. Our teams have handled everything from small, single location desktop installations including servers, desktops, mobile devices, printers, networking equipment, patch panels, phone systems and displays. We offer comprehensive support for both PC and Apple systems and devices.

A technology refresh often requires your company to make special arrangements to ensure that technology is fully functional and quickly deployed to minimize end-user downtime. This may include allocation space to warehouse and stage equipment as well as to process the older assets that are being replaced. In many instances, insufficient space, equipment build and imaging time, and end-user data migration, result in a refresh process that can be cumbersome and slow. Optimally, companies would like to receive an end-user request for equipment refresh and be able to respond quickly - with little burden on the IT department.

Our PCM team provides these services as a part of the value-add surrounding our procurement process. We provide bundles - based on your standards - that incorporate the equipment, imaging, and configuration instructions, thereby simplifying the ordering process. Once the request for equipment is received, we pull products from our warehouse and move them into our integration facility. Our integrators then build, image, and configure the equipment, making sure to provide asset tagging, custom labels, and any other function that will eliminate additional labor and improve field deployment times. We can also work with you to identify technology and processes that will improve your efficiency to manage these deployed assets. Many organizations have chosen PCM to manage the ordering, integration, staging, deployment, and disposal of technology to reduce the cost and burden associated with an equipment refresh. Let our PCM specialists show you how these services can benefit your organization.

What is the benefit to my company?

PCM offers the agility and flexibility of a local solutions provider with on-site sales and service while employing the financial resources and purchasing power of our publicly traded company. Maintaining a national footprint, PCM is one of the nation's few elite service providers, delivering technology wherever and whenever it is required for both PC and Apple systems and devices.

Our wide arrays of clients, small and large alike, appreciate the comprehensive approach that we take to their challenges. We can combine any or all of our industry-leading services into a customer support solution that we tie together with superior consulting. We will contribute to your company's success by reducing implementation times and overall project costs, while focusing on quality standards.

PCM is poised to help you implement nationwide deployments of any size. We'll take care of any and all aspects from procurement and shipping to imaging and configuration. Learn about our Installation, Deployment & Refresh Services through your Account Manager - give us a call today.

At PCMG, our focus is on helping our clients achieve improvements in business operations. With our Configuration Services, we have the facilities, tools, processes and people to streamline the integration and configuration steps of your next technology deployment freeing up resources for your IT staff.

We have three Integration Centers across the U.S. in Columbus, OH; Memphis, TN and Irvine, CA. Because these centers occupy dedicated space within our warehouse buildings, we can provide all the services you need to meet your deployment schedule, including receiving, storing, integrating, configuration, asset tagging, tracking, and logistics. Our Integration Centers are fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant, demonstrating the focus on quality management we bring to each project.

Image Development and Management

Our Integration Centers can image your systems using a variety of software platforms, such as Ghost, WIM, or IUB, based on your specific requirements. Our segregated and secure production network is set up for Gigabit Ethernet, so we can image many systems from our image server in a very short period of time. The accuracy of the image deployed is guaranteed by our First Article Build process. This documented process mandates the creation of a system or systems built with your customized image and the development of step by step configuration instructions to be followed in the image deployment process. The system(s) and the deployment instructions are then sent to you for evaluation and approval. After we get your approval, we place the image onto the authorized production image server and publish the instructions on our internal quality system site.

All image loads require supervisory personnel to inspect each installation. Additionally, we use an automated electronic data collection process, which verifies that the correct load was downloaded to each system.

Asset Tagging and Reporting

Asset Tagging and Reporting is a service that can be customized to your requirements. It provides for the placement of a specially created asset tag on a system unit and/or packaging. This also includes the creation of asset tracking reports using either software supplied by you or an Excel spreadsheet. The service can be customized to include the creation of specialized bar code labeling if needed.

Device Configuration

When you partner with us, we can pre-configure any type of hardware prior to deployment at our Integration Centers:

  • Desktops, laptops, and servers
  • Network hardware, routers, and switches
  • Mobile devices, including tablets
  • Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Apple systems and iOS devices
  • Custom shrink-wrapped kitting

Device Activation

We can activate wireless devices like iPad, notebooks and POS systems as well as other mobile devices and computer systems prior to shipping so you can be ready to go right out of the box.

From day-to-day single refreshes to large-scale deployments, PCM provides seamless IT lifecycle services through our combined capabilities of procurement, warehousing, integration and national deployment.

Our large national team of certified engineers, technicians, and project managers are experts in their field with over 4000 certifications between them. The PCM team can work with you to manage the entire project from start to finish or provide only those services where you need assistance. Either way, you will benefit from partnering with us, a company that truly understands the complexities involved in IT deployment of both PC and Apple systems.

Project Lifecycle Services

A major deployment project involves far more than just having qualified people install the equipment at your location. It requires the precision performance and coordination of many activities before the equipment ever gets there. A deployment plan has to be developed, hardware and software has to be ordered and received and systems must be configured, integrated, imaged, tested and asset tagged. And they have to be stored until your site is ready for them. The systems then must be shipped and received where the deployment team will be dispatched to unpack, install, and test them. Finally, existing equipment must be packed up and shipped off to be redeployed, disposed or recycled.

PCM can help you plan, deploy manage and refresh all your IT equipment, no matter what mix of computers, servers and devices you require. The greatest value we bring to our customers is our capability to supply all the necessary services associated with a deployment and to tie it all together though our project management.

Project Management Services

PCM's Project Managers provide the oversight and management of all the people, processes and technology of a project so that they all come together at the right time and the right place. When you engage with us on a project, your Project Manager will become your primary point of contact. The PM will work with you to:
  • Develop the project charter and realization of the scope
  • Create a detailed project plan with activities, task, assignments and time frames defined
  • Set up communication and escalation protocols
  • Risk management
  • Change management planning
  • Deliverable acceptance processes and forms
Whether you need help managing an entire systems refresh from start to finish or just specific services to get the job done, you will benefit from partnering with PCM, a company that understands the complexities involved with IT deployment. For more information, contact your Account Manager today.

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