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Apple Wireless Keyboard keyboard

Don't waste your money on the 3rd party keyboards. This keyboard works seamlessly with my mac. Spend the extra bucks for this guy and you wont have to worry about connectivity issues.
Scott, 01/04/2012

Eagle Tech Computers ET-KB300BF-WH Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets & Smartphones

The keyboard works well on all of your Blue Tooth devices that you need to use a keyboard for. They fact that it folds in half makes it easier to transport and becomes it't own case. <br>The only thing that is hard to get to is the Blue tooth button because it is recessed and small. You may need the end of a ballpoint pen to get to it. <br>It's a good value for the price.
Susan, 11/17/2013

Accessories - Keyboards and Keypads

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Keyboards and Keypads

Keyboards and keypads are the most commonly used input devices for computers, whether desktops or laptops. Considered as essential hardware for desktops and laptops, the modern computer keyboard is the descendant of the typewriter keyboard. For most computers, keyboards serve as the primary means for data input; many tablet computer users also opt to connect secondary or peripheral keyboards to their devices for convenience. 

Keypads, on the other hand, are devices that feature a set of buttons arranged in a block; these buttons may bear letters, numbers, and symbols. Most computer keyboards are designed with numeric keypads, but separate numeric keypads are also available as peripheral devices. These separate numeric keypads can be connected to desktops, laptops, or tablets via USB. Like keyboards, many of these keypads are ergonomically designed as well. 

Our selection of computer input devices features keyboards and keypads that are both reliable and affordable. Designed for comfortable use, computer keyboards and keypads from brands such as like Logitech, Microsoft, and HP are sure to make typing a breeze. 

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