The McAfee® Cloud Security Platform, a key component of the Security Connected framework, helps businesses safely and confidently take advantage of cloud computing by extending and applying their own security practices and policies to data moving to and from the cloud. This suite secures email, web, and identity authentication traffic, leveraging McAfee Global Threat Intelligence for real-time protection against the latest threats.

Securing the Cloud Starts with Data

Before even beginning to consider what type of data should or should not be moved to the cloud, a business must first understand what data it has, where it resides—and more importantly, the value or sensitivity of the data. Only when there is a complete inventory of the data, can an organization begin to classify the data to build the appropriate policies to protect it and then enforce policies while data travels both within and outside the organization.

Protecting Primary Cloud Channels

The primary channels of traffic that move data to and from the cloud include:

  • Email traffic
  • Web traffic (mobile and application services)
  • Authentication traffic
This includes all application and protocol data traversing over port 80 or 443, including traffic between social media sites, instant messaging, blogs, and web email.

Securing these channels is vital to protecting both outbound and inbound cloud traffic. Bidirectional controls ensure that your outbound traffic is secure, while also protecting your organization’s perimeter from spam, malware, and other cloud-borne threats.

Build a Secure Bridge to the Cloud

  • Data loss prevention—Discover and classify data in the organization before it leaves to the cloud. Create and enforce robust policies to secure sensitive data.

  • Identity and access management—Comprehensive access control for cloud applications using enterprise identities.

  • Email security—Email remains the single biggest source of data leakage. Protect your critical data by securing the incoming and outgoing email traffic that flows through the cloud.

  • Web security—Whether accessing cloud applications or storing data, secure all web traffic in one place.

  • Mobile web security—McAfee Web Security allows enterprises to extend and enforce their security policies on mobile devices.

McAfee Cloud Identity Manager

McAfee Cloud Identity Manager enables organizations to provide comprehensive access control for cloud applications using enterprise identities. This solution provides cloud account provisioning, de-provisioning, identity synchronization, single-sign on connectors to common SaaS application, and two-factor authentication using one-time password soft tokens.

Cloud connectivity for applications and data is delivered through SAML, OAuth, OpenID, and XACML standards—all connected to existing identity management infrastructure.

McAfee Data Loss Prevention

McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) delivers data security and unrivaled, actionable insight about data at rest, in motion, and in use across your organization. With non-invasive network technology, McAfee Data Loss Prevention discovers data no matter where it resides or what format it is in, giving the enterprise rich data mining tools to classify data and create effective policies that protect better and more quickly. Organizations leverage centralized management and reporting through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) software.

McAfee Email Protection

McAfee Email Protection delivers total email protection for organizations, integrating comprehensive inbound threat protection with outbound data loss prevention, encryption, robust reporting, and simple administration. McAfee Email Protection helps businesses prevent data leakage through email by leveraging the same McAfee Data Loss Prevention technologies deployed to protect data within the organization. The enterprise can leverage McAfee Email Protection integration with the McAfee ePO platform for centralized management and reporting.

McAfee Web Protection

McAfee Web Protection enables enterprises of all sizes to facilitate secure communications and safe, productive access to business applications—anywhere and from any device. Bidirectional web security protects enterprise users who use a browser to access applications hosted in the cloud. Through proactive reputation- and intent-based protection, it meets the needs of today’s evolving threat landscape. McAfee Web Protection also enables enterprises to fine-tune controls over functionality enabled on interactive web applications, exerting policies by application and down to the user level.

McAfee Web Protection also extends security to mobile devices accessing content that is traditionally available on internal corporate servers such as intranets, wikis, Microsoft Sharepoint servers, and other web-based solutions. Smartphones and tablets, including BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android, can direct web traffic to McAfee Web Security solutions through standard device management and security controls, ensuring that mobile devices are secured with advanced anti-malware protection and corporate web filtering policies.

McAfee Services Gateway

McAfee Services Gateway provides a layer of security, control, and management for application-toapplication traffic. McAfee Services Gateway offloads application programming interface (API) security, data transformation, representational state transfer (REST) to simple object access protocol (SOAP) mediation, and identity token exchange to a high-speed gateway at the network edge or in the cloud. McAfee Services Gateway simplifies services delivery, acting as a proxy that offloads security policy enforcement from applications. It accelerates, secures, integrates, and routes legacy data within a single, easy-to-manage software appliance.


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