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Every year Microsoft Hardware innovates with new and exciting products, and this year is no different. Just in time for the upcoming release of Windows 8, we’re pleased to showcase our new products that have features specific to Windows 8 that make it easier than ever to get stuff done. Plus all our products are ideal for use with desktops, laptops and tablets.

Wedge Touch Mouse: Small, stylish, and perfect for Windows 8

Wedge Touch Mouse looks and feels like no other device. Small enough to fit in your pocket, its compact frame is the perfect companion for your laptop or Windows 8 tablet when you’re on the go.

The artful, minimalist design gives you fluid, four-way touch scrolling. Plus Bluetooth technology means you can use it anywhere without the clutter of wires or transceivers. Even better, Wedge Touch Mouse goes into “Backpack Mode” (essentially a low power mode) to conserve battery power when your PC or tablet is hibernating or shut down. You can put your mouse in your bag and not worry if you turned it off because it will sense that it is no longer needed.

Sculpt Touch Mouse: Four-way Touch scrolling and Bluetooth technology

The perfectly portable Sculpt Touch Mouse is great for getting things done. The four-way touch strip lets you breeze up and down, left and right, and through long (or short) Windows documents, as well as horizontal Windows 8 screens, with just the swipe of your finger. When you scroll, you’ll feel the nice surprise of tactile feedback. And, as with Wedge Touch Mouse above, it comes with Bluetooth technology, so you can take it with you but leave the clutter of wires and transceivers behind.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard: Perfectly portable companion for your tablet

The new, ultra-slim Wedge Mobile Keyboard was designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablet users who are constantly on the go. (It also works with iPad and Android devices.) Its thin, lightweight design makes it easy to carry, while the full-sized, soft-touch keyset provides a comfortable, efficient typing experience. The durable keyboard cover not only protects your device from scratches, but also quickly converts into a tablet stand. Plus with Bluetooth technology, the keyboard connects to your tablet without the clutter of wires.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard: Ideal for travel, created for comfort

At less than three-quarters of an inch thick, Sculpt Mobile Keyboard is both sleek and compact, making it great for people who are on the go. Plus the built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity means there’s no fussing with wires or transceivers. The Comfort Curve keyboard is designed with a slight 6-degree angle in the keyset to help promote a more natural arm and wrist posture, and to provide greater comfort during extended use.

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