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PCM Environmental Monitoring & Cooling Solutions

As Data Center technology continues to progress, new cooling and density challenges must be met. Environmental monitoring and cooling solutions help keep mission-critical demands of the new servers and blades operational and profitable.
Kwikool-Portable Air Conditioning Solutions

The industrial/commercial grade portable air conditioner is designed for economical cooling in Data Centers, especially where electrical equipment creates a heat load. The AC uses a balanced airflow design using duct condenser air vents through the ceiling. This design prevents outside air from entering the space and cools with super high efficiency capable of operating 24/7.

Kwikool‘s product line is ideal for customers with budget or flexibility issues. The portable air conditioners are heavy duty commercial/industrial grade equipment made from 95% steel, copper & aluminum. The units offer economical solution for applications that require either primary or backup air conditioning for a specific heat load within an equipment room. Kwikoolproducts are plug and play installation. The standard features make the units adaptable to the fluctuating heat loads of server rooomswith variable load factor utilization. The I/O integral condenser provides a balanced air pressure for maximum efficiency .

Purechoice–Environmental Monitoring

Temperature extremes are the most common cause of expensive hardware failure, leading to downtime that can seriously impact organizations of any size or type. PureChoice’s Rackmount Nose combines this knowledge with over 18 years of energy management and environmental monitoring experience to release an inexpensive solution compatible in any building. Furthermore, this software/hardware solution comes equipped with alerting capabilities, notifying users immediately of threshold breaches that can cause equipment damage

This easy to use solution offers continuous monitoring, email alerting and data storage, logging and reporting capabilities. With PureTrac and the new Rackmount Nose, you can now identify trouble spots immediately and make the necessary changes before any serious damage occurs..

The Nose has built-in digital sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity of a data center every 2 seconds. Once registered with the web-based PureTrac Software, users can immediately log-in to view real-time values of their environmental data. PureTrac allows for unlimited alerting at multiple thresholds for rising and/or falling temperatures. Furthermore, PureTrac offers reports that are simple to view and easily interpreted. The Web-based reporting formats give you real-time and historical analysis of conditions for all data collection points.

PureTrac and the Nose Monitor are more than just a monitoring system; it is an enterprise level, software/hardware solution that addresses environmental changes where asset protection is a must, allowing customers to attain optimal operation of their facility. Whether a customer has an objective to increase energy efficiency, achieve health and safety goals, or promote sustainable practices, the PureTrac application is the core foundation to ensuring the central components of any building are functioning properly.


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