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PCM Business Solutions
PCM cares about protecting your personal information online, and we stand behind our products and services.
Customized Business Sites
PCM can save you time and money with a range of free services we provide to our qualified business customers. To learn more about having a Business Direct (BD) site set up for your company, contact your Account Executive at 800-700-1000.
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Financing & Leasing

The Benefits of Leasing through PCM

Protection from Obsolescence

Take advantage of the least technology while having the flexibility to make upgrades and additions when needed.

Conservation of Capital
Preserve working capital and bank lines of credit for other profitable activities. Why tie up cash resources?

Tax Benefits

Deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense. Your monthly lease payments typically are tax deductible as a business expense (Consult your tax advisor).

Cash Flow Predictability
Reduce Financial uncertainty and increase forecasting accuracy with consistent lease payments.

Simplify Budget Approval
Leases can be categorized as operating expenses,which generally require a lower level of approval.
  forecasting accuracy with (department vs. corporate)than purchases do.


Fixed end-of-lease purchase options simplify important budgeting and forecasting objectives.
Enjoy the ability to avoid budget timing constraints or administrative red tape.
Bundle all current and future needs into one comprehensive leasing solution.
Selectively upgrade key components or an entire system.
Maintain cash in the bank and preserve lines of credit.
Earn tax-deductions with lease payments that bank loans do not offer.
Lease Application
Online Application
Monthly lease payment amounts included in our catalogs and websites are estimated average payments. Monthly lease payment amounts will vary based on customer credit rating, total purchase amounts and other factors.
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Software Licensing
View the Software Licensing page for a listing of our product agreements.
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& Authorizations

PCM holds authorized service certifications from the top names in the business, including (but not limited to) Apple Authorized Service Center, Compaq Authorized Service Center, IBM Authorized Service Center, and Microsoft Solutions Provider.

We are proud to hold reseller certifications from virtually all leading manufacturers, including (but not limited to):
3Com Macromedia Adobe
Microsoft APC NEC
Apple Nikon Belkin
Olympus Canon Palm
Cisco Quantum Compaq
Quark E-Machine Seagate
Epson Sony Hewlett-Packard
Symantec IBM Tektronix
In-Focus Toshiba Iomega
Umax Kodak ViewSonic
LaCie Viking Lexmark
Western Digital    
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Configuration Services
PCM recognizes that an organization's computing needs are as individual as they are. Our custom integration and configuration center exists to offer your organization a total system solution. Pre-certified third party and proprietary products can be integrated and tested by our factory-trained technicians, thereby providing easier and more cost efficient installation. Installation and testing of hardware peripherals in notebooks, desktops, and servers can be done yourself or by our certified technicians.

Installation and configuration of proprietary and commercially published software images is available prior to delivery by our certified technicians.

Imaging Services

Installing a couple computer Systems isn't complicated. Setting up a new office with twenty or more systems can start to take considerably more IT resources to manage. Using image management technology and software migration tools like Ghost or Drive Image Pro, is a great way to save time by automating the repetitive process of configuring computers and other IT equipment.

PCM has years of experience and will manage the imaging and installation processes for you. We can obtain and maintain images for you in the following ways:

We will create a custom image specific to your requirements
You can FTP the image into a secure location within our configuration center.
Send us an image on CD.
Send us a hard drive with you preset image on it.

Asset Tagging

PCM's Asset Tagging Service includes: Asset tagging, labeling and asset reporting. Information gathered and reported on asset tags can include: customer name, purchase order number, order date, model number, shipping address, system component data, and customer-supplied information.

All information can be tracked in our Asset Management Database. This feature is available to qualified businesses through our Business Direct (BD) site and can be used to manage and download detailed reports of your organization’s purchasing history.

For more information on our Business Direct (BD) sites, contact your Account Executive at 800-700-1000.
Repair Services

PCM's uncompromising commitment to total customer satisfaction is exhibited by our dedication to responding quickly to service requests. In the event that you require repairs, our services people are able to provide expert maintenance in a timely manner.
You have the option of sending products to our warehouse in Memphis, TN or our retail facility in Santa Monica, CA, or choose to have repair and maintenance performed on-site.
We maintain authorizations to perform repairs for Apple, Compaq, HP, BM and others.
An extensive parts inventory and rigorous, comprehensive training back our service personnel.
Technical Phone Support

PCM's team of technical professionals and knowledgeable Account Executives handles all questions about product compatibility, suitability, and specifications for the various hardware and software products that we advertise. You can rely on our top-notch technical support.
Receive assistance with setup and use, troubleshooting and diagnostic of key components and software applications, plus basic network troubleshooting.
All services performed by highly trained technical support staff.
PCM Technical Support 1-800-760-0300
Hours: 6:00am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time)
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Service Programs

Uplifted / Extended Hardware Support

The average product warranty lasts only one year, and it's usually after that, that problems occur! Extend the life of your systems and avoid the high cost of repair or replacement with a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year enhanced service program. All brands are covered, regardless of the computer or peripheral brand you purchase, we can cover it. Provides high-quality remote support that enables you to increase equipment uptime and increase productivity.
Increased system uptime.
Increased return on your IT investment.
Flexible coverage windows and response times.
Work to completion.
Escalation management.
Single point of contact.

Don't let a time of crisis be the first time you realize that the standard manufacturer warranty covering your product isn't enough. Extended Warranties and Warranty Uplifts provide you with Priority Service and Support. Base Warranties on most products simply aren't good enough. They are meant to protect the manufacturer - Not your business. By purchasing an Extended or uplifted warranty, your reducing your likelihood of costly downtime and ensuring that you always have someone to turn to in your time of need.

Installation and Startup Services
Experienced Engineers will configure, integrate, and test your system at our Integration Center, then pack and ship it to your location. PCM proudly works with the Industries Leading Manufacturers to provide these quick and effective packaged services to deploy operations-ready solutions. These packaged Installation and Startup Services can significantly contribute to your success by reducing implementation time and overall project costs, while focusing on quality standards.

Features and Benefits

Easy Management: A certified Solutions Consultant will be available from the beginning of the project to the point of the solution delivery, to facilitate a timely and successful installation.

Easy Integration: All hardware will be configured and racked, software will be loaded and the entire system will be staged to test the application.

Easy Installation: System and documentation will be prepared for rapid deployment.

Easy Implementation: A Solutions Consultant will perform final software and network integration services at your site.

Advanced Support Services
Your business functions and depend on technology solutions, from the hardware platform of your choice to the operating system and on up to the application layer. Get instant access to support for your technology needs from leading manufacturers.

Eliminate unexpected support expenses and reduce downtime by gaining access to senior engineers and technicians experienced in solving technical issues.

Support Services offer rapid response and repairs for software and hardware related issues. These services ensure easy access to qualified technicians trained in your particular area of need.

Packaged offerings are appropriate for specific hardware or software support needs.

For further information on a customized support package, Call us at 1-888-932-2331

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More than an IT Provider - We're Your Technology Partner!

Since 1987, PCM has been a leading provider of IT products, services, solutions to businesses, government agencies, educational, institutions, and healthcare facilities.
We provide access to over 300,000 IT products like tablets , notebooks desktops , servers , storage , and networking from leading manufacturers like Cisco , HPI , Apple , Adobe , Lenovo and Microsoft . With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, it's easy to get exactly what you need to tackle your technical challenges.

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