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LaCie Porsche Design - USB flash drive - 16 GB

I would recommend this drive to anyone who needs a reliable and attractive USB drive for travelling or keeping mobile data protected. The USB 3 transfer speeds are excellent. I'm...
Adeen, 05/06/2014

LaCie Porsche Design - USB flash drive - 32 GB

Call me old-fashioned, but I love the feel of a solid metal product in my fingers. I'm also quite taken with the "extras" that come with the key, specifically the...
Don, 06/15/2014

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Portable Hard Drives

Portable hard drives are devices that are handy for storing data that can't be saved to hard drives because of insufficient space. These hard drives have become increasingly popular for business and personal use because these devices' large storage capacities and mobile features. 

The need for additional storage space increases as businesses accumulate data and store more files on their networks. Portable hard drives are convenient to use because these can be easily plugged into a CPU's USB or FireWire ports. Once plugged in, data transfer between the external and internal hard drives becomes possible. The drives' compact, handy design also allows entrepreneurs and businessmen to bring files of any size outside the office, making on-the-go business even more convenient. 

These hard drives are wise investments for businesses and personal users alike. That's why we offer the best portable hard drives for your needs. Storage devices from top brands such as Seagate, Kingston, Western Digital, LaCie, PNY, and EDGE are available in prices that suit your budget.

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