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Industry Leading Technology Solutions

The modern workspace poses unprecedented technical challenges, and it takes strategic IT solutions to overcome them. Whether you want to deploy tablets securely or move your data center to the cloud, PCM Services is here to make it happen. Our experts will collaborate with you to understand your business and provide tailored solutions that improve the effectiveness of your systems and the productivity of your employees.


We’re on a mission to solve your most challenging IT issues one custom solution at a time.


“Borderless” means the network is designed so workers can easily, reliably and securely connect to business systems and applications regardless of their physical location, time zone, or device. All of the network components — routers, switches, firewalls, and VPNs — are holistically envisioned, integrated, and deployed to deliver the same end-user computing experience whether the worker is in the corporate office, at home, in a hotel, or at an airport in the next city, the next state, or halfway around the globe.

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Available Solutions:

Routing and Switching

The building blocks for all business communications, from data to voice to wireless access.

Information Security

Protecting your information assets from unauthorized access or modification.

Physical Security

Door access controls, video surveillance and incident response systems.

Human collaboration means individuals or teams working together to create something of value. Collaboration in the IT sense of the word refers to harnessing and adapting today's technology and systems to better facilitate human collaboration.

Collaboration solutions seek to integrate many of the business systems people use on a daily basis — phone, voice and video conferencing, messaging, calendaring and presence — to make them less time-consuming to operate and easier to manage. Solutions like IP, soft and mobile phone products, tablets, video conferencing, digital signs and conferencing software can all aid in streamlining collaboration.

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Available Solutions:

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence, telophony, video conferencing, call control and speech recognition with non real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, email, SMS and FAX).


Improve team productivity, strengthen customer relationships and scale expertise throughout your organization with easy with tools for telepresence and videoconferencing.

Digital Signage

Replace traditional forms of messaging with thin, lightweight displays that can dynamically communicate your message to guests, employees and customers through your network or through the cloud.

The recent explosion of mobile devices in the enterprise — including BYOD (bring your own device)— and the increased presence of these devices accessing networks, organizations are scrambling to stay ahead of these trends and ensure sensitive data remains secure.

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Available Solutions:

Mobile Devices

Workers are more connected to the office than ever before using multi-functional devices capable of hosting a broad range of applications for use. Mobile devices are often seen as an extension of the traditional desktop. Work done while away from the office can be synchronized to reflect changes and new information.


Mobility has done more than just allow users to extend their workplace it's also freed them to deliver better service from practically anywhere and at any time through mobile devices. Instead of being tethered to stationary desktop computers, workers can utilize laptops, tablets, and smartphones to do their work.


As companies embrace mobility within their organizations, mobile device use and security must be carefully managed in order to protect the security of both your organization’s physical assets and its sensitive information.

Today's high-density, consolidated, converged or virtualized data center is a complex environment. Every decision in the data center is critical and mistakes can be costly.

The cost of running the modern data center is at an all-time high. Our goal is to make sure that you are taking advantage of the latest technology available and maximizing your dollars to gain the greatest efficiency and performance.

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Available Solutions:


The two basic functions of an organization’s IT department are to develop applications and deliver them. Nevertheless, in many IT organizations, application development and delivery are not closely aligned. Symptoms include poor performing applications or issues with availability.


The characteristics of how data is created and retained have changed dramatically for both consumers and businesses. More digital information is being created and stored at unprecedented levels. Advancement in applications, data correlation, and interface technologies are rapidly changing how we use, capture, and reference information.


In many data centers, power and cooling infrastructure has not kept pace with the dramatic changes in the IT environment. Technologies like blade servers, VoIP and virtualization have all affected processing power needs with the potential to create high density heat issues.

Cloud computing offers a new way to manage your business by providing IT services through virtualized applications, software, hardware and networking services that are housed in an internet “cloud“. Unlike a traditional environment where you own and actively manage the infrastructure and resources, a cloud computing model enables you to “lease” these resources — and why it is often referred to as “Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service”.

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Available Solutions:


Creating virtual versions of servers, storage, desktops and applications to make your organization more efficient.


Keeping workers connected to the cloud no matter where they are located.


A new way to manage virtualized applications, software, networking services and more through the cloud.

Creative Pro

Professionals engaged in web/graphic design, music and audio, film production and video, print and pre-press, photography and more will find a variety of solutions to make their jobs easier.

Software Solutions

Software licensing is a simple, convenient and cost-effective purchasing solution for small, medium and large organizations. PCM is here to assist with compliance issues, over-spending and other software asset management issues.

POS Solutions

PCM offers our business customers point of sale (POS) hardware and software solutions that can help you track and manage your assets, capture data and support your operations with touchscreens, scanners, printers and other mobile devices.

Document Management Solutions

The brain of your organization, an up-to-date data center guarantees safe storage and security options.

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