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Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Direct Attach Storage (DAS) attaches directly to a computer system. The legacy of this term refers generally to hard disk drive arrays attached directly to a server to add capacity for online user files. The interface of choice for these devices was SCSI and they were reserved for database type uses where the speedy input and output (I/Ops) of data was a key to user friendly implementations. The spectrum of hardware and uses has increased, and the deployment of storage strategies has blended to the point that this term now encompasses a much larger variety of products.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) attaches to a network via the network’s own cabling system and protocol. These products are assigned IP addresses and thus become potential file storage for any client user on the network. In effect, they are file servers that do not require the licenses associated with bringing another full server online. Besides the obvious savings associated with this, NAS products offer advantages in expansion and fault tolerance that make them a popular tactic in storage deployment.

Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions employ the simple fault tolerance tactic of duplication to assure data continuity when failure occurs to a computer system or network through loss, corruption or destruction.  The importance of information in today’s business environment is such that no business can afford to lose access to its own without dire consequences.  Backup solutions have historically centered on magnetic tape but other media exist and hard disk based solutions especially, are challenging tape’s position in the current business environment.

Storage Area Network

A network that is dedicated to handling Storage functions is called a Storage Area Network (SAN). A SAN performs the same function as DAS or SAN devices do, it makes data storage available to users. These devices may be disk arrays or Tape Libraries, the very same type of devices that exist in DAS or NAS deployments. DAS and NAS strategies are effective at delivering storage to users but as the quantity and locations of data grows, the man hours and network traffic used to support it become unwieldy. A SAN is a flexible, intelligent, and easy-to-manage storage solution that allows you to give structure and efficiency to your data availability while reducing operational expense.

Storage Software

Storage software solutions help you get more value from your current storage. They defer future storage investments and put your storage expertise to the best use — managing instead of reacting. From the simplest automated back-up function to complex virtualized remote storage solutions, the correct storage software will give users fast, safe and secure access to their data.

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