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Mobile Security

Trend Micro™ Mobile Security is an integrated mobile device management and security solution within a security framework that spans physical and virtual, PC and non-PC devices. With the proliferation of high-end mobile devices, many employees are bringing their consumer-grade PCs, tablets, and smartphones into the workplace. They are using these personal devices in both their personal and professional lives.

Regain Control

As personal and professional lives become more intertwined, employees are using their own consumer-grade pcs, tablets, and smartphones for work. the emergence of the “consumerization of it,” is forcing organizations to not only allow, but also support powerful, high-end mobile devices purchased by the individual.

Mobile Security provides management and security to enterprises and medium-sized businesses that want to embrace consumerization and unlock opportunities without compromising their it infrastructure.

protecting the wide range of consumer-grade mobile devices, such as iphones, ipads, Android, and blackberry devices, Mobile Security integrates mobile device management and uses threat prevention, data protection, and app management in a single point of control. it allows businesses to regain visibility and control, while offering staff the freedom to securely share data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Key Benefits

Regain critical visibility and control
Allows administrators to see the number, types, and configuration of employee consumer-grade devices accessing corporate resources and set polices across those devices

Reduced operational costs
Saves time and money with centralized visibility and control of device management, app management, security and data protection. Also integrates into existing officeScan management infrastructure

Improve productivity and flexibility of the workforce
Allow users to use devices they understand and like to use for accessing work applications and data where ever they are at any time of day.

Limit data loss
Set policies for data access and protection by enforcing the use of passwords and encrypting data. Also, if devices are lost or stolen, the ability to remotely lock them down and erase data stored on them.

Reduced security risk
Ensures proper device configurations and prevents malware reducing the risk of compromised devices. Ensure only the right applications are used on the devices, improving security and productivity

Key Features

Centralized, Scalable, Single Console Management
  • Instant summary views/reports of compliant, inventory, protection and health of devices
  • Features a proven, reliable, and scalable central management framework
  • Allows for managing security and configuration of pcs * and mobile devices from a single console – integrates in trend Micro industry leading endpoint solution, officeScan
  • Cross-device and group policies for consistent application and enforcement of security and management requirements
  • Scheduled reporting allows administrators to regain critical visibility into the number, types, apps and configuration of devices accessing corporate resources
  • Permit or lock mobile device features lock camera, bluetooth® , and SD card reader.
Mobile Device Security and Data Protection
  • Selective device wipe – remove just email, contacts, calendar and provisioned web clips
  • Notification of jail broken or unencrypted devices
  • Lock down features like bluetooth, camera and even applications like icloud
  • Native encryption enforcement and compliant violation notification
  • Malware protection leverages industryleading, cloud-based threat intelligence from trend Micro Smart protection network™

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