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Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station - Wireless access point - 802.11ac (draft) - 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (draft) - Dual Band

I was was able to configure this device in less than 5 minutes. Configuration was done on my Iphone 5. All wireless devices and users were connected effortlessly. Areas in house that had no internet before now have 2 bars. Very very satisfied with this product. Store shipping was really FAST!!! Another 1st time satisfied customer. I’ll be back for future purchases.
Irv, 11/07/2013

Apple AirPort Express Base Station - Wireless access point - 802.11a/b/g/n - Dual Band

OMG! Airplay alone is worth this little marvel. Put all your music in iTunes with the Cloud, opt for the ~$24/year so you can add your non-iTunes CDs, and you can have all your music at your fingertips on your iPad, iPhone, or computer. Put one your old stereo(s), on your back porch with the cheapest Bose companion computer speakers for better separation than a high dollar stand alone, or where ever. Hook up a printer, a hard drive, use...
tcotney, 06/30/2012

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WAN Routers, Gateways and Bridges

Wide Area Routers or WAN routers provide connection to different computers not just within a locality, but within a much wider range—inter-state or even trans-national. Usually private, these devices provide a secure connection for organizations or enterprises with an extensive network of several local area networks (LANs) connected together; WAN routers integrate the LANs into one WAN connection.

Gateways are networking devices that serve as entrance nodes to another network. These devices route the bandwidth or network traffic coming from individual computers or workstations towards the Internet or to another network. In most businesses, gateways also serve as firewalls and proxy servers, protecting valuable data from malicious attacks from the Internet or within the company’s network.

Bridges connect two different LANs or network systems. Bridges are also similar to network hubs or repeaters; not only do they rebroadcast data packets, but they also analyze them. The difference between bridges and routers, though, is that the former uses assigned MAC addresses while the latter uses the IP addresses that were assigned to the data packets.

We can help your business keep up with growing demands for mobility and connectivity. We have a great selection of WAN routers, gateways and bridges at affordable prices. Products from top-quality brands such as Cisco, Adtran, Future Memory Solutions, HP, Sole Source Technology, D-Link, and Zyxel are available in our inventory.

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