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PCM has been procuring product on behalf of our customers for over 25 years. Our experienced professionals can assist you with procuring and utilizing IT equipment wherever you need it in the lifecycle.

We have over 3,400 companies represented in our product catalog with real-time, online connections to leading distributors and manufacturers such as Lenovo, IBM, HP Partner Direct, Ingram Micro, Synnex and Tech Data.

Dedicated Specialists

To assist our customers with ordering, PCM has a dedicated Inside Sales Team for order placement and management. We also have a team of full-time Product Specialists who work directly with manufacturers to take advantage of all special pricing and rebate programs in order to provide our customers with the best pricing possible.

Online Procurement Tools

To further help our customers manage their IT product acquisitions, PCM has developed an advanced technology procurement and management system. It provides a direct link to tier-one technology suppliers for our customers and incorporates industry-leading solutions that are presented simply.

These proprietary online procurement tools offer you a convenient, cost-saving method of conducting business with PCM that can streamline your entire acquisition, authorization and administration process.

The system suite includes:

The Procurement Manager

The Procurement Manager functions as the central procurement source for your company and puts a vast library of inventory and knowledge for your industry right at your fingertips.

  • Real time product price and availability with live online ordering and continual updates
  • Allows you to bundle the products you buy most often for easy one click ordering
  • Employee Purchase Programs offer tremendous cost savings for your employees
  • Build price quotes and forward them by e mail for internal approval
  • Customizable catalogs that can include non technology items just for your industry
  • Manufacturer rebates updated in real time
  • Reduce rogue buying by as much as 60%

The License Manager

Keeping track of software licenses and staying in compliance is critical for large organization, but unwieldy without finely tuned tools like the Software License Manager. It keeps track of all the licenses you have purchased from PCM over the last three years for every vendor and sends out reminders up to 90 days before a license expires so that you can renew on time and stay in compliance. Both the license tracker and the contractual license tools allow you to upload purchases from other resellers as well so that you can see your complete license inventory in one place, run reports and manage it all in real time.

Contractual license support includes Microsoft Enterprise Agreements, Open Value Licensing and Microsoft Select. It also supports CA’s Master License and Open Licensing programs in addition to Adobe’s Contractual License Programs, Open Options and Transactional License Programs.

  • Save time and reduce costs by streamlining processes and increasing security
  • Automatically upload your current purchase history and easily add new licensing programs and agreements
  • Track expiration dates and set reminders
  • Set user access and security levels
  • Standardized and customizable reports

The Asset Manager

One of the most important components of the IT product lifecycle is asset management, and the OpsTRACK Asset Manager makes it much easier with its intuitive user interface that provides access to information on every serialized product procured through PCM. It even allows you to enter your own specific asset tracking information and gives you the option to open up client specific fields for entry into your data, all of which can then be reported on as needed. If PCM is providing an asset tagging service through our configuration and integration center, then your specific asset number information will be automatically provided within this tool. The Asset Manager is completely Web‑based, so it’s available 24x7 and kept continually up‑to‑date.

The Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager helps organizations streamline virtually any process or activity. Uniquely designed to tightly interact with the Procurement Manager, but also available as a stand‑alone module, it can be customized to fit any workflow from approval processing to document management.

Workflow Manager quickly processes your procurement quotes through a flexible and customizable approval workflow. The module can integrate budgeting to give you complete tracking and control while providing reports that assist in managing financial issues. You can build a workflow around something simple, such as an A to B to C stepped approach. Or you can harness the expertise of the PCM team to design a workflow, at no cost to you, with multiple stages occurring simultaneously and complex routing and approval requirements.

  • Authorized users can build and submit quotes based on their requirements
  • Notification e‑mails can be sent with status updates and action items
  • Requests are automatically forwarded to the purchasing department once approvals are obtained or designated steps are taken
  • Purchase orders are assigned to approved requests and sent to PCM for processing
  • Systems can begin from any input source, such as an email, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet or other common file types

Your Partner in Success

The PCM eProcurement system is just one of the solutions that we have finely tuned for the needs of large businesses and enterprises. Call today and take advantage of the higher efficiency, greater accuracy and invaluable cost controls.


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