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ThinkStation P Series workstations are fully certified on all major ISVs and are up to 72% faster than the previous models. Their tool-less, modular design and customizable storage, memory and I/O configurations make upgrades and management a snap. With Windows 10 Pro, it will give a boost to your productivity: it helps you work faster, focus quickly on the task at hand, and access what you need, when you need it, from wherever you are. And all the while allowing you to work in a way that works best for you.
ThinkPad P Series laptops are the first systems equipped with the new Intel® Xeon® Processor for mobile workstations. In addition, these ISV certified workhorses support NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics and up to 64GB of RAM and 3TB worth of storage. With Windows 10 Pro you can stay always-up-to-date with the latest and greatest security services from Microsoft and safeguard your sensitive data, your devices, your customer identities, and your intellectual property—with enterprise-grade protection and control.
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Select Your ThinkStation

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Workstations
  • pseries310
    Beaten, battered,
    and bruised, ThinkStation P320
    Tiny passes 12
    extreme military-stress tests and 200
    rigorous quality
  • pseries310
    Tower workstation
    for entry-level 3D &
    2D CAD/CAM,
    website development, financial back-office operations, & healthcare front
  • pseries410
    With high core count
    & memory capacity,
    this workstation is designed for professionals looking for mainstream performance & affordable power.
  • pseries510
    A next-generation mainstream workstation that's powerful enough
    for any job and
    reliable enough for mission-critical environments.
  • pseries520
    The most powerful single CPU workstation delivering the perfect balance and packing enough punch for any job, and ISV-certified reliability for mission-critical environments.
  • pseries520c
    From large workloads to multitasking, the compact P520c breezes through it all. With fast processing, graphics, storage, and memory, this configurable workstation is a solid workhorse.
  • Power, speed, versatility in one
    dual-processing workstation with
    50% more memory than a mainstream single-processor workstation.
  • pseries720
    Ideal for professionals with heavy data-processing needs,
    offers fast processing, massive storage
    options, and
    parallel-processing capability.
  • pseries910
    Get extreme performance from
    this dual-processor workhorse,
    powered by
    powerful processors and amazing
  • pseries920
    Ideal for the
    highest-performance workflows including rendering, simulation, visualization, deep learning and artificial intelligence across industries.
ThinkPad P Series Laptops

Select Your ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad P Series Laptops
  • 14" multimode workstation combining power and creativity in one with flexible sharing and Wacom Active ES pen technology
  • 15.6" mobile workstation perfect for running resource-intensive applications, certified by ISVs
  • 15.6" MIL-SPEC tested mobile workstation that gives you stunning performance, discrete graphics, & epic battery life
  • 15.6" mobile workstation is a feature-rich, high-performing mobile workstation for performance-seeking users

  • 15.6" mobile workstation designed to take your productivity, creativity,
    and 3D gaming to the
    next level
  • 17.3" mobile workstation for users who need high-performing CPU, GPU, brilliant color gamut, and ISV certification
  • p50s
    17.3" mobile workstation redefines the concept of power with an Intel® Xeon™ processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics

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