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A Cloud Platform for Digital Business
Oracle’s application strategy has been engineered to eliminate IT complexity and fuel extreme innovation. Our complete, best-in-class portfolio of enterprise, industry, and cloud applications allow you to dream big, then execute efficiently—whether that’s identifying the talent you need to capture new market opportunities, harnessing the power of analytics to sense and shape customer demand, or increasing collaboration between engineers and marketing to bring new products to market faster than the competition.


A complete cloud transforms your business with intelligence.
What is a complete cloud applications suite?

A complete cloud applications suite is comprised of a set of software-as-aservices, that connects your data with end-to-end business processes in:
Improve business IQ using data from across the WHOLE business, not just a piece of it. A complete cloud applications suite is modular, yet connected, eliminates data silos, and easily enables a connected intelligent business.
Transform Business IQ with:
The power of data from across your entire business
Real-time external data:
Better, faster intelligent business outcomes
  • Behavioral
  • Locational (GPS)
  • Weather
  • Click stream, and etc.


An innovative cloud applications suite transforms your business faster.
Innovation Built-In
Get the latest Cloud Application innovation updates automatically.

Innovate for yourself
Easily create a new SaaS application and connect it to existing applications or any other system or cloud.

Enhance Business IQ
Get ahead and stay ahead by using purpose-built apps to produce better business outcomes. Adaptive Intelligent Apps and IoT Apps include AI / machine learning that complement our SaaS applications which are:
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to connect
  • Easy to change
  • No data scientists needed

Get the most accurate information at the right time
Oracle uses its Data-as-a-Service Cloud to provide you with billions of consumer and business pro les segmented by industry. Brings the freshest, most accurate data to your business in real-time.


A proven cloud applications suite transforms your business and reduces risk.
Reduce Risk
Oracle has badged cloud experts to look after cloud security, 24/7. Eliminate headaches and reduce costs by having Oracle maintain cloud security for you.

Global Standardization at Speed
  • Standardize and transform business processes
  • Enable global security policies quickly
Secure and Scalable
Go global with secure business transformation at scale.

Millions of Customers Trust Oracle Cloud Everyday
  • 25,000+ SaaS Customers
  • 1,000+ Cloud Applications
  • Serving 195+ Countries
  • 57+ Billion Transaction Daily
Call your PCM Account Representative Today at 1-800-700-1000 and Discover the Right Oracle Applications for your Business.

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