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Cutting Edge API's built in to Microsoft's AI Platform

Tap into high-quality APIs for Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge and Search with just a few lines of code. No need to be an expert in data science to make your systems more intelligent, engaging and discoverable, such as communicating with your users in natural language, identifying relevant content in images, recognizing users by voice, and more.

Cognitive Vision

Image-processing algorithms to smartly identify, caption and moderate your pictures.

Cognitive Speech

Convert spoken audio into text, use voice for verification, or add speaker recognition to your app.

Cognitive Knowledge

Map complex information and data in order to solve tasks such as intelligent recommendations and semantic search.

Cognitive Search

Add Bing Search APIs to your apps and harness the ability to comb billions of webpages, images, videos, and news with a single API call.

Cognitive Language

Allow your apps to process natural language with pre-built scripts, evaluate sentiment and learn how to recognize what users want.

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What can Cognitive Services Do For Your Business?

Enhance Security with a face

Enhance Security with a face
Use the Face API to verify a selfie for smart authentication. Signing in with visual identity verification is becoming an additional security layer for many industries. Microsoft's Face API can compare portraits giving it amazing flexibility in uncontrolled scenarios.

Express dramatic moments in an instant

Express dramatic moments in an instant
Quickly retrieve surprised, happy, or sad celebrity images out of millions by combining multiple APIs. Search through video frames to pull out the perfect moment for your content. Never let an abundance of untagged footage be a deterrent for your ability to serve up contextual content when you need it.

Engage your customers through chat

Engage your customers through chat
Bring together Cognitive Service APIs and Bot Framework to engage your audience on a whole new level. Build a bot that embodies your brand, addresses your customers’ main questions and escalates to a human operator if needed.

Enable great voice interactions with speech customization

Enable great voice interactions with speech customization
With the Custom Speech Service you can build great voice interactions between your systems and your users. Enhance speech recognition using background noise reduction and complex technical word training.


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