Tower Desktops

The tower desktop is the one of the most commonly used computers in offices today. In this setup, vertically oriented tower cases hold the CPU and power supply unit separately from the display or monitor. Although these computers generally take up more space compared to other computers, tower desktops are said to be unparalleled in terms of performance and upgradability.

There’s a reason why many professionals prefer to work on these desktop computers. Compared to a laptop or an all-in-one computer, a high-end desktop PC tower is usually equipped with a more powerful processor, motherboard, and GPU. These desktops can be fitted with high-powered components, since the amount of space inside the tower case allows for a more effective cooling system. Thanks to high-performance processors and RAM, a PC tower is often more capable of handling business tasks, especially enterprise-level, processing-intensive tasks. A tower desktop also easier to upgrade, making these computers ideal for professionals anticipating the need for hardware upgrades in the future. Many businesses also value the immobility of the full PC tower, since it’s less vulnerable to theft compared to notebooks and laptops.

Despite the increasing popularity of notebooks and all-in-one computers, tower desktops remain as top choices for many businesses. PCM offers great discounts on an extensive selection of PC towers from trusted brands such as Apple, HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

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Tower desktop

Unmatched reliability and upgradability

Efficient tower desktops are responsible in driving the productivity of many professionals and businesses. These computers are designed to provide consistent performance through their high-end processors, RAM, and GPUs, as well as numerous upgrade opportunities for professionals who need that kind of flexibility.

Consistent performance
Most business-class desktop PC towers today are designed to improve productivity and reduce downtime. High-end processors, sufficient RAM, capable GPUs, and high-capacity hard drives, along with the latest business software, all make tower desktops the ideal computers for professionals.

Upgrade opportunities
A tower desktop is one of the most easily upgradable PCs today. Most computer components are designed to be easily accessed and removed, to make hardware upgrades more convenient. For instance, stock RAM modules in a full PC tower can typically be replaced with RAM modules of higher capacity to improve computing speed and responsiveness.

Convenient maintenance
Since most CPU components on desktop PC towers are accessible, it takes less time and effort to replace these components when needed. Defective GPUs, for instance can be swapped out for fully functional units. Maintenance is relatively more difficult for laptops and all in one computers, which are often equipped with integrated components.

The space inside a tower desktop’s case makes it possible for the computer to have an internal cooling system. This allows the tower desktop’s high-powered components to reliably function without the risk of overheating, improving these computers’ overall reliability and performance.

Product Reviews


We have purchased several of these custom pc's. Cybertron has great cases that are very well built and durable. The delivery is fast and it doesn't hurt that the design is very slick as well.
Chris, 09/28/2018

HP Inc. EliteDesk 800 G1 Intel Core i5-4570 Quad-Core 3.20GHz Desktop PC - 16GB DDR3 SDRAM, 2TB 7200rpm SATA, DVD-ROM, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - Refurbished

I saw the deal online, thought the value was good and placed the order. It arrived on time, and the PC works great!
Frank, 06/29/2018

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