There’s still an area of your business
where you can save millions.
Companies can save up to 30% of operating
costs by better managing the volume of documents
flowing through the organization.
Did you know? Why Managed Print Services?
The average employee prints $520 worth of documents every year. Imagine how much that costs your business on an annual basis. Add to that network drops, maintenance costs, helpdesk calls, etc.
Most companies underestimate what they spend by 30-40 percent
The average corporate employee spends 250-400 hours per year on unnecessary print related issues
Changing the way your company prints also gives employees new ways to work efficiently
To win new business To get products to market To get invoices processed To communicate more efficiently with customers
When companies optimize their print environment to cut $$$ and be more efficient, they also reduce output related environmental impacts:
Power usage Power consumption Carbon production Landfill waste
Employees are printing less content than they used to, but the amount of content available for an employee is growing exponentially. So despite efforts to go paperless, the amount of pages being printed is actually doubling every 3.5 years!
The average office generates 2lbs of paper waste per day
The average American corporation has roughly one output device (printer, copier, scanner, fax) for every 2.5 employees. This uses a lot of power, even while devices are in standby mode. If a company can reduce 2/3 of its devices, that equals almost 50% less power consumed!
26 Reasons You Might Need an MPS Assessment
By Nathan Van Ness
Cost-based Drivers
1. Escalating costs of existing print infrastructure
2. Pressure to reduce business costs in general
3. Increase spend predictability
4. Cost reduction mandates to reduce print
  spend specifically
5. Balancing operating expense versus
  capital spend
6. Identifying hidden costs of equipment,
  archiving and business processes
7. Pressure to improve revenue and margins
Location-based Challenges
15. Integrating systems due to mergers,
  acquisitions or consolidation
16. Newly merged organizations seeking
  efficiency and savings
17. Distributed offices and multiple locations
18. Autonomous departments making their
  own buying decisions
19. Growing mobile workforce or widely
  distributed workers
Governance Issues
8. Lack of understanding of existing print
9. No ability to track and measure print
10. Managing large population of unconnected
  output devices
11. Managing Multi-vendor environment
  with multiple supplier contracts
12. High concentration of desktop devices
13. Current MPS contract ending in 12-18 months
14. Struggling to meet sustainability goals
Strategic, Process and Market Considerations
20. More efficiency in paper-intensive business
21. Customer needs that are creating new
  document or workflow requirements
22. Little understanding of how printed
  documents get used
23. Print infrastructure not aligned to
  business needs
24. Increasing focus on operational efficiency
  due to competitive pressures
25. Highly regulated, document-intensive industry
  such as financial services and healthcare
26. High degree of security and compliance


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