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New Albany, Ohio Data Center

With the addition of a data center in New Albany, PCM provides customers with geographically-diverse facilities providing localized/regionalized workloads while leveraging its Client Service Desk and Integrated Operations Center (IOC) for 24x7x365 support offerings.

The data center is a Tier III facility that is a single purpose, customer centric built to suit structure. The Uptime Institute’s tiered classification system is an industry standard approach to site infrastructure functionality. The Tier III classification certifies the facility is composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, has redundant components, and is concurrently maintainable.

In addition to Hosting services, PCM provides its clients a portfolio of cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offerings leveraging our Atlanta and New Albany SSAE16 Type II-certified data centers. The facility will provide:

  • Up to 30,000 square feet of secured data center floor space
  • Monitored redundant power and HVAC/Environmental conditioning
  • Fully diverse and redundant public and private network access
  • Fully monitored and secured facility
  • 24/7 video camera monitoring and recording throughout campus, facility and data center

Data Center Location

New Albany Business Park, is the largest master planned corporate business park in the state of Ohio at over 3,000 acres. It is designed to inspire creativity, discovery and commerce, and it’s one-of-a-kind appeal has attracted a diverse range of businesses, from international headquarters to technology leaders. The Information and Technology Innovation Campus has 627 acres zoned for commercial use. The campus will accommodate up to 1.2 million square feet of development. In addition to the business park’s fiber optic network and dual feed electric, the site also features a level of seclusion that is essential for mission critical enterprises.

PCM’s new data center will be in good company with industry leaders also choosing to build their data center and office location in New Albany.

  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Motorist Mutual Insurance
  • TJX
  • AETNA U.S. Healthcare
  • Discover Card

Tier III Facilities

When it comes to building a reliable data center, the design must be considered early in the building development process and include coordinated efforts that cut across several areas of expertise including defined operational policy and practice, telecommunications, power, architecture, HVAC and physical security.

Each component of the data center and its supporting systems must be planned, designed, and implemented to work together to ensure reliable access of data center resources while supporting future requirements. Neglecting any aspect of the design can render the data center vulnerable to cost failures, early obsolescence and intolerable availability.

The Uptime Institutes tiered classification system is an industry standard approach to site infrastructure functionality and a Tier III classification certifies that the facility is composed of some of the following:

  • Location offset but easily accessible
  • Enable diverse, redundant network access for Public Internet and private network connections
  • Ensure fast provisioning for clients
  • Solutions powered by engineering and technical expertise
  • Designed to key TIA-942 specifications - Including power density of 210W/sq.ft. | 8kW rack or greater
  • Gated and fenced campus with limited access
  • Reinforced roof to withstand 100+ mph winds
  • Highly limited access to data center rooms
  • 3rd party remote witness monitoring of key security, fire, environmental and power systems
  • Security cameras monitor critical Infrastructure

Power and Fiber Diversity

  Robust, Secure Self-Healing Fiber Optics

New Albany features one of the most robust and affordable fiber optic networks in the country. New Albany Net was carefully developed in cooperation with American Electric Power as the company built their electricity transmissions control center in the community. The result is a secure 96 strand, self-healing, fiber optic network. Additional details:

  • Cisco Platforms for core routing, switching and security
  • Public Internet via diverse, redundant providers
  • Internap BGP Flow Control Platform for IP Connectivity
  • Ethernet switching 1GB & 10GB ports available and secured by the port
  • Private network options; including copper, fiber, OC-x, and wireless egress
  • Cisco IDS, IPS for public network security

  Redundant, Underground Power Transmission

With state-of-the-art equipment, enhanced coordination, redundant systems and a dual infrastructure network, the City of New Albany ensures that reliable power is available to all residents of the Business Park. The resulting system, with electrical supply from two different substations, provides reliability and stability at affordable costs. Additional details:

  • Direct power service, 3-phase
  • N+1 Stand-by Power Generation
  • Diesel generators
  • ATS Automatic Power Synch and Transfer System
  • APC Infrastructure System
  • Chilled water plants with sealed water return system, environmentally friendly

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