security program assessment
Does your IT team have a good understanding or all the interdependencies of security policy, threat awareness, regulatory compliance, integrated solutions? At PCM, we believe that critical gaps in your enterprise security architecture can be identified through an extensive analysis of areas such as access control, vendor management, threat matrix and security architecture maturity. With our services, you can expect to strengthen your security posture using strategic compliance and risk tolerance reports in conjunction with a strategic security roadmap.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

The best way to stop cyber attackers from breaching your network is to begin thinking like them. With PCM Security, simulate real-time attacks to develop point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your network infrastructure. Using industry practice security testing methodologies and the penetration testing execution standard (PTES) as the cornerstones of our VAPT framework, PCM ensures that your enterprise network is prepared to deflect even the smartest of security threats.

Social Engineering Assessments

Rather than exploiting vulnerabilities in networks architecture or the underlying hardware, social engineering techniques are designed to leverage the weakest link in the chain – the human operator. Attackers use various methods such as phishing, targeted emails, and USB device drops to manipulate company employees into unwittingly granting them access to vital enterprise resources. PCM Security’s social engineering assessment program is designed to help employees understand the nature of such attacks through simulated scenarios, extensive training sessions, and webinars.

Perimeter Security Assessments

Today, network perimeter security is no longer restricted to simply setting up razor wire barricades and guard towers in the form of firewalls. As more and more systems and users are brought into a Cloud computing environment, the capabilities of existing IT and network security protocols begin to fall short. With PCM Security’s perimeter security assessment program, you can start gaining a better understanding of security posture in context of a defined network boundary. PCM offers threat identification services, manual validation and benign exploitation of vulnerabilities, in conjunction with actionable remediation recommendations crafted to help you improve enterprise IT security.

Endpoint Security Assessments

With the continuous expansion of the perimeter, network administrators are faced with the difficult task of managing an increasing number of endpoints. PCM designs endpoint security assessment programs which are customized to your organization’s needs. First, we identify what endpoints are on the network and their purpose. We conduct comprehensive review of device usage and assess how well the existing access control mechanisms are working. Once coverage gaps and vulnerabilities have been identified, PCM delivers a prioritized remediation plan along with recommended solutions and a comprehensive implementation roadmap to help you enhance endpoint security.

email Security Assessments

As messaging technology continues to mature, email still remains one of the favorite attack vectors for hackers and similar malicious actors. With the growing use of Office 365, email security is still a vulnerable area which needs to be addressed. PCM Security offers comprehensive email security risk assessments for both on-prem solutions and Office 365. PCM Security will conduct an internal review of all email policies and practices. We utilize industry leading toolsets to scan current email services to assess vulnerabilities. In tandem with our email assessments, we can provide training to enable employees to follow security best practices that minimizes the risk of inadvertent infections.

Cloud Security Assessments

As more enterprises take their IT to the Cloud, it opens up a new avenue for hackers to exploit putting companies at the risk. PCM offers a complete assessment of your cloud security approach. Whether you are using AWS or Azure, we can conduct a cloud posture assessment to determine your security requirements. If you’re concern is the use of unauthorized Internet apps, we can conduct a cloud app discovery assessment to ascertain your current exposure and recommend the policies and solutions necessary to control this type of access.

Mobile Security Assessments

Employees increasingly want to take advantage of the flexibility and productivity-enhancing capabilities of smartphones and tablets. This puts considerable pressure on organizations to institute comprehensive mobile computing device usage policies—which they often do too late. With PCM Security, we can assist with staying ahead of the curb by assessing your enterprise’s mobile device landscape. Once we have completed our analysis and identified critical control points and security gaps therein, we can support your deployment of a best-in-class security mobile solutions.

Compromise Assessments

When predictive cyber defense options still fall short of your required level of data security, you need the support of PCM Security’s compromise assessment team. PCM Security and its partners provide a malware “hunt” capability using forensic, analytics and other security “hunting” tools to evaluate your network for the presence of advanced attack group activity. Our compromise assessment services can be limited to a suspected portion of your environment or conducted enterprise wide to help you discover the existence of threats within your data processing environments.

Security Optimization Assessments

The evolving security program continues to imbed more and more security solutions into an already stressed data processing environment. Further, integrating these security solutions, providing hourly threat intelligence updates, analytics, artificial intelligence, automated responses will continue to consume critical IT resources. The evolution of the security integrated platform provides the opportunity to eliminate overlapping solutions and reduce cost and operational complexities. PCM Security offers its Security Systems Integration capabilities to assist in achieving your security optimization goals.

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