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At Lenovo, big-brained engineers and designers come together to create DO machines: business laptops, tablets, all-in-one PCs, and large enterprise laptops that DO more. And do it faster and smarter than ever before. Lenovo gives people the tools, and they take it from there. Lenovo is all about enabling—helping people stay connected, be more productive, and express creativity.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet was engineered to be the portable, powerful, entertaining tablet today's corporate users need. WIth built-in support for easy configuration, management and security, the Lenovo ThinkPad is an easy choice that brings more flexibility and productivity in the way your organization works.


  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core 1 GHz processor
  • Android 3.1 installed; over-the-air upgrade to Android 4.0 (available soon) 
  • 10.1” WXGA (1280x800) 16:10 IPS panel with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 
  • Multitouch display with digitizer input (pen optional) 
  • Starts at 1.65 lbs, with up to 8 hours of battery life (Wi-Fi enabled) and up to 64GB storage 
  • HD display and HDMI output for crisp and defined presentations on large monitors 
  • Fully supports Adobe® Flash® for online media 
  • Native USB 2.0 and micro-USB ports Integrated cloud sharing and storage

Easy to Configure

The ThinkPad Tablet was designed to make your employees more productive than ever before. By allowing your IT administrators to specify configuration settings in XML files, it allows updates and settings to be delivered and imported to your devices easily and automatically. Configuring the ThinkPad Tablet with XML files helps make it easier for you to connect your corporate networks and quickly be productive.

With XML configuration files your IT administrators have the ability to configure the following:

  • Microsoft Exchange e-mail server
  • VPN (native Android VPNs and Cisco AnyConnect VPN)  
  • Wireless network settings  
  • Digital certificates  
  • Active Directory domain server

Easy to Secure

One of the biggest challenges in today's consumerization of IT is security. The ThinkPad Tablet comes with built-in features that allow your IT teams to easily enforce security policies on your device. Using XML configuration file, your device can be encrypted with a password to protect its contents or can be digitally signed to prevent its contents from being altered.

Additionally, your IT teams have the ability to:

  • Disable the SD card slot – block a common cause of corporate data leakage
  • Disable the USB ports – keep the user from copying data to USB keys or transferring files to a PC  
  • Disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios  
  • Disable the cameras – prevent users from taking photos of sensitive information  
  • Disable the microphone
  • Disable the USB debugging option  
  • Disable unknown sources – ensure that applications can only be installed from approved app shops  
  • Disable data roaming – ensure that users do not run up big bills when traveling  
  • Require the internal storage and/or SD card be encrypted – ensure that data stored on the device, and data that can be taken off the device, remains protected  
  • Require Active Directory credentials to unlock the device – keep the device secure by requiring users to use their managed corporate credentials to unlock it  
  • Configure Android password requirements – ensure that users have a password set, and that it meets complexity requirements  

Easy to Use

Through Lenovo Imaging Technology Center, your ThinkPad Tablets can be customized with preloaded corporate wallpapers, applications, wireless network settings, and security policies.

With a custom-built configuration, your ThinkPad Tablet is packed with the essential applications your employees need and is ready as soon as its delivered.

Easy to Support

The ThinkPad Tablet includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. With this capability, your IT administrators have the ability to manage Thinkpad Tablets similarly to other mobile devices using the tools provided by the Microsoft Exchange Server.  

  • Remote wipe
  • Password policies  
  • Device encryption  
  • Camera  
  • Wi-Fi  
  • Bluetooth  
  • Sync from PC  
  • Removable storage  
  • SD card encryption  

Easy to Manage

To ensure that your device stays secure, the Lenovo ThinkManagement Console and the Lenovo Mobility Manager plug-in provide your IT administrators the ability to centrally manage your corporate devices.

The Lenovo Mobility Manager which pairs up with your Exchange server allows the discovery, inventory, and wiping of the ThinkPad Tablet from the ThinkManagement Console, for free. With this capability, your organization stays confident that all devices and sensitive information are safeguarded at the strictest level.

 For additional management capability, you can also take advantage of upgrading the Lenovo Mobility Manager to add support for securely pushing device configurations and security policies to your ThinkPad Tablet devices. The upgraded Lenovo Mobility Manager allows the client application on the ThinkPad Tablet to establish a secure connection to the configuration server. Through secure login and authentication processes, IT-provided configuration information can be securely pushed and are automatically configured to your ThinkPad Tablets.

How can PCM help me get started?

By partnering with PCM, we will support you through all phases of the Secure Mobility lifecycle, from assessing and building your strategy through implementing and supporting a solution. You benefit from the best practices generated by the experience of our 700 certified engineers, technicians and project managers as well as through our partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco, Lenovo, and more.

PCM offers Mobile Device Management services to assist you in developing a comprehensive Secure Mobility plan including:
  • Assessment, Planning & Deployment Services
  • Security Management Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Training Services

Contact your Account Executive to learn more.


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