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No matter how well-designed and robust your infrastructure may be, issues are inevitable. But you can’t let them disrupt your productivity. Our comprehensive Service Desk solutions are tailored to meet the demands of your organization. Whether you are a small business with ten employees or a multinational enterprise with thousands of workers, the Service Desk can deliver exceptional support to ensure your systems are up and running.

Our Service Desk is a logical choice for a help desk solution. We efficiently deliver a consistently high level of service, reduce vendor management, and lower your overall cost of doing business.

Client satisfaction, a strong focus on the training of our analysts, and measuring our performance are at the heart of our business philosophy, and we are relentless in our pursuit of ongoing improvement. We continually look for new ways to apply our expertise to your advantage.

We engage only talented professionals who understand the human side of technology, foresee the unique challenges that technology presents, and possess the passion necessary to successfully coordinate and execute your customized solution. Bottom line: we provide fast, efficient and expert technical support.

We combine the right people, best practices, process-driven methodologies and industry-leading tools to deliver a custom help desk solution that exceeds expectations. Our proven processes, coupled with our continuous process improvement measures, ensure that you consistently receive exceptional service to support your business objectives.

Dedicated Telephone Number

We establish a dedicated telephone number for you which is answered with a greeting customized to your specifications.

Client Support Team

We believe that depth of knowledge is more important than breadth. That’s why we created a team of dedicated analysts to support your specific help desk needs. Our team focuses on giving your team personalized support.

Client Support Team Manager

Each team within the PCM Service Desk is managed by a Client Support Team Manager. The manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing the support team
  • Monitoring the service level objectives on a daily basis
  • Serving as a single point of contact

Support Made Easy

From making a phone call or web-based ticket entry, our centralized dispatching team ensures the request is processed, SLA’s are met and that you understand what to expect throughout the process.

We also provide customized tracking reporting to:

  • Identify trends
  • Track call volume and fluctuations
  • Analyze performance against the SLA

Measurable Benefits

Our mission is to support your efforts in serving your own clients’ needs because we’re successful when you’re successful. Our Service Desk solution delivers the added value of process ownership while measuring our value through established Service Level Agreements.


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