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Mobile File Management Solution

Millions of sales reps, deal makers, project managers and administrative ‘glue’ providers from a myriad of industries have left their laptop behind in order to lighten the load in their briefcase. We developed vablet as a secure, enterprise mobility solution in getting files and information into the hands of your team, with full control over how they interact with the data. Here’s a snapshot of the top features of the vablet mobility solution, available on iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Windows 8:
  • Easily push content out, pull content back, or wipe it completely from the device.
  • Works well with others - vablet connects to your SharePoint, Box or SalesForce account.
  • Free them from the Internet - no connectivity required for ongoing access.
  • Enhanced collaboration - edit Office® files or apply annotations directly on the device.
  • See who, what, how long, when - analytics reporting on all file and device usage.
  • Security options to comply with financial, healthcare and government institutions.
  • Customizable features can reflect your brand, including lead-gen tools.
  • Data collection tools with our Survey feature.

Customer Review:

"We have experienced a favorable return on investment in the Vablet content management system, by streamlining the communication paths between our sales teams, our manufacturers and our customers. Our field reps realized the benefits instantly, at their first trade show using Vablet. Product demos were at their fingertips and in high-res, multimedia formats. A real wow factor with customers! It is a relief to have the ability to push current pricing and product detail direct to the device, so the sales team can feel confident that they have the most up to date information to share with their customers. Because we can send and remove outdated information remotely, we avoid printing lots of documents and sending lots of emails that accumulate as clutter when they become outdated. I can definitely say that Vablet has increased our productivity!"

- Maureen Costello, President, United Pacific Pet

Digital Marketing Solution

Introducing the HD Signage solution! Deliver your next marketing campaign remotely, and display rich, digital media on an iPad or HD screen. Enhance the sales experience and create ongoing brand awareness throughout retail, medical, and hospitality spaces, or at your next trade show!
  • Media ‘pushed’ to 1 display or 1000s of displays remotely.
  • ‘Push’ campaigns instantly or on schedule.
  • Run interactive media for Trade Shows or Sales pitches.
  • Lead-gen tools for paperless customer engagement.
  • Analytical reporting on when, how long, and how often media is viewed.
  • Generate ad revenue from local market.
  • HD video runs ‘streamlessly’ without Wi-Fi.
  • Perfect for hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms, trade-shows and more!

Customer Review:

"Signage delivered a super easy setup with zero lead time and total control in the hands of our own non-technical staff. The most attractive benefit is its end-to-end simplicity. We’re constantly adapting and changing our marketing messages, incentives, and store-specific branding. Signage has truly empowered us to continuously improve the entire customer experience."

- Steve Zubrieta, Managing Partner | Mercedes-Benz, Encino, CA
vablet Lite

  • Up to 3 Users for FREE
  • Extensive Analytics on Who, When and How Long Content is Accessed
  • PDF Viewer with Annotations
vablet ES (Extra Security)

  • Adds an Additional Layer of Encryption on Each File
  • API Integration [i.e. Good, Documentum, Sharepoint...]
  • Monthly Subscription Plan Required
Signage by vablet

  • Optimized for Digital Signage in Marketing or Public Media Display
  • Uses the Apple PDF Viewer
  • Up to 1 Device for FREE

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