Campus Switching
IDC projects that the number of devices connected to the Internet will grow from two billion in 2016 to eighty-billion in 2025 due to the proliferation of new devices such as mobile and Internet of Things (IoT). In order to support, manage and secure these devices, one must change their management paradigm from device based to policy based management and deployment. Together with our top partners, PCM deploys Next Generation Networks which offer significantly greater performance and security with much lower operational cost to support and deploy them. As a certified Cisco Gold partner possessing extensive experience designing and deploying large scale campus networks, PCM leverages best-in-class routers and switches to deliver secure LANs for institutions and enterprises alike.
In order to support the proliferation of devices and to provide customer interaction, many organizations are deploying a wireless first strategy. The sheer number of users and devices connecting to and accessing the network almost always drives IT to deploy wireless access options to enhance reach and facilitate seamless connectivity. Ensuring effective bandwidth utilization and security with proper access control becomes paramount. PCM offers the expertise to assess, design and deploy high performing, secure wireless networks from a branch office supporting a handful of access points to a large stadium supporting hundreds of access points and tens of thousands of concurrent users. In addition, we offer application expertise to enhance your mobile experience in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, stadiums, cruise ships and many more.
Software Defined Everything
Since transitioning to the 21st century, networks have evolved well beyond their original purpose – from simple connectivity to open platforms for enabling digital transformation connecting a myriad of mobile devices to assets in a variety of data centers. Having access to a flexible, secure, robust, cost effective network is critical. By leveraging PCM’s SDN offerings, we can deliver digital transformation through a flexible network while lowering cost and improving security.
RF Design
Campus networks have an exceedingly large footprint, especially in terms of their wireless reach. However, network managers often struggle to ensure strong connectivity throughout the facility and minimize the number of radio frequency (RF) blind spots. PCM’s real-time wireless RF planning services are designed to help facilities and campuses deploy access points and wireless devices at optimal points. Using cutting-edge heat mapping tools in conjunction with CAD architecture files, we define the physical network topology by calculating the optimal distance between access points and the proper RF design. This ensures exceptional connectivity no matter the type of band or protocol user devices leverage to connect to the campus network.
If properly harnessed, networks can provide a wealth of information that can help organizations better serve your clients. PCM offers solutions that will inspect traffic for potential threats or even leverage the network to understand consumer behavior. Leveraging analytics, organizations can tailor the experience for their clients to increase revenue and ultimately, profitability.

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