Next Generation Firewall
Within the consistently evolving enterprise network landscape, administrators often find themselves trying to balance security with performance. CPU-intensive dynamic filtering technologies are insufficient for the purpose – lacking the contextual understanding necessary for adapting to advanced cyber threats. With PCM’s next generation firewalls, companies can breathe easier. Our intelligent solutions use situational awareness to make effective, automated security decisions. Based on a multi-layered model, designed to perform deep packet inspection, the system checks the payload using heuristics to either deflect or quarantine exploits and malware before they have the opportunity to permeate the perimeter.
Intrusion Prevention
Vulnerability exploits come in a variety of vector formats – be it an infected image file propagated through social media or as a simple email attachment. Once it’s through the initial firewall layer, it can potentially bring down vital enterprise applications like ERP and gain access to stored data, licenses, and permissions. As an inline security component, PCM’s intrusion prevention solutions actively analyze incoming network traffic and automatically counter threats by dropping malicious packets and blocking traffic from the source address. In addition, it can prioritize threats for remedial action by correlating events with targeted exploits.
Secure Access
As business operations expand, so does the breadth of the network that supports growth. This directly contributes to an increasing number of edge devices and endpoints, making it extremely difficult for administrators to effectively gate the enterprise’s resources in the Cloud or on premise. PCM’s access management solutions helps organizations adapt to these challenges using strong authentication methodologies and digital signature verification tools. They enable IT to securely allow access to resources and protect digital assets from insider threats.
Identity Management
With policies like BYOD and increasing user mobility, employees can now access valuable enterprise data and mission critical applications across multiple channels. This exposes your network to the risk of compliance failures, cyber-attacks, and insider threats. PCM provides identity management solutions to determine who is accessing the network, what device they are using and where they want to connect, to match to perform the basis of permission. PCM offers fully automated Cloud-based identity authentication and extensive profile and device lifecycle management using a platform designed to simplify deployment in complex environments and reduce administrative costs.
Anti-malware Protection
Ransomware attacks like the recent WannaCry epidemic have put not just end-users but also businesses on high alert. The very nature of cyber threats is changing rapidly with network security experts agreeing that blacklisting signatures is not an effective way for stopping malware. PCM’s malware protection solutions therefore goes beyond identifying static malware attributes and operates by detecting behavior patterns indicative of advanced threats. As a signatureless, lightweight security suite, it combines deep forensic analytics with constantly updated threat intelligence to combat resilient attacks without requiring direct intervention from the network administrator.

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