Do you have current endpoint protection against the latest
advanced threats, zero-day malware and ransomware?
Not sure... ask yourself these questions:
Is your antivirus solution more than 2 years old? When is your next renewal due? Does your current antivirus solution protect your endpoints from today's advanced threats, zero day exploits, unknown malware or ransomware? Don't know? If you have Mac laptops or desktops in your environment, how are they being protected?Are you interested in preventing an infection before a breach occurs or detecting the malware or ransomware once it has infected your environment?
With Palo Alto's TRAPS endpoint solution, one of the fastest growing endpoint solutions in the industry and rapidly gaining recognition for its unique multi-method prevention approach, you can actually prevent the malware from infecting your environment by identifying and blocking before it gains access. Most solutions wait till your endpoint is infected then try to identify and remediate the damage.
Advanced Endpoint Protection
The Traps solution actually prevents the malware/exploit from actually gaining a foothold on your endpoint.
All Others
Infection Detection and Remediation
Most solutions wait till the endpoint is infected then attempts to detect and remediate before damage is done.
"The choice of solution approach is yours"
TRAPS Advanced Endpoint protection you can:
Prevent Security Breaches
Preemptively block known and unknown malware, exploits and zero-day threats with the unique multi-method prevention approach of TRAPS™ advanced endpoint protection from a single, lightweight agent.
Automate Prevention
Automatically reprogram your endpoints to block known and unknown threats - without human intervention - using threat intelligence gained from our global community of customers and partners across endpoints, networks and SaaS applications.
Protect and enable Users
Empower users to use web-mobile and cloud-based applications without fearing cyber threats. Protect users from inadvertently compromising their systems without depending on burdensome virus scans.
Protect Yourself from Antivirus

Despite continuous investments in legacy antivirus solutions and "next-gen" AV products, organizations continue to experience security breaches and successful ransomware attacks with increasing frequency . Existing endpoint security products as a whole, and legacy antivirus solutions in particular struggle - and more often fail - to prevent sucessful security breaches.

Attempts at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of AV solutions, as well as the security industry's collective focus on detection and response, have only resulted in incremental improvements in endpoint protection, while hindering organizations with antiquated methodologies and hidden costs.

Discover the core reasons legacy AV no longer offers effective prevention, the five security requirements for any AV replacement, and how the multi-method prevention approach of TRAPS replaces AV while offering superior breach prevention.

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